Rebellious Rogues

“We’re a mischievousVersion 3 duo and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for this challenge. We’re hoping to get pretty far and raise a decent amount of money for the Enactus projects. Knowing us and our luck, we’re going to find ourselves having some pretty funny adventures.”

Abbie Sheppard: EnactusNTU Corporate Relationship Executive/ 2nd year International Business Student.

Shanice Spencer: 2nd year Law & Criminology Student.

Instagram: @rebelliousrogues

Brackenhurst Bandits


Connor claims he’s got a great plan for their adventure but we’ll see how far these horticulture boys can make it on the road…

Their passion for ENACTUS is reflected through their hard work in SEED and they are very keen to raise as much money as possible to put into the project for the rest of the Enactus year.

Connor Deacon: Team Leader at SEED / 3rd year Horticulture Student.

Jonny Mann: SEED / 3rd year Horticulture Student.

Pudding Squad


Zara and Luke are second year International Relations course mates. Their positivity and excitement for the challenge shows they are ready to put their exploration skills into practice when they reach the far flung lands of Russia… Or so they say. Either way we commend their enthusiasm and definitely have our vote of confidence!

They work with project SEED, providing vegetables to Nottingham’s Refugee and Asylum seeker community and are focussed on raising as much as possible.

Zara Holden: 2nd Year International Relations Student.

Luke Smith: 2nd Year International Relations Student.